Two Thirds of Nursery Places Half Days


Two-thirds of nursery places in Scotland are half-day only, Fair Funding for our Kids has revealed.

And nine out of ten council places are only offered for half days, making them almost unusable for most working parents. These and other findings are in our new report, based on Freedom of Information requests submitted to every local authority in Scotland. You can also check out every FOI response we received, to see what your local authority told us.


The childcare system in Scotland isn’t working


Thousands of families in Scotland are unable to access their legal entitlement to 600 hours free early learning and childcare for 3 to 5 year olds.

We are acting to find out where this is happening and why.

Help us change things for the better. Join our campaign for fair funding!

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NEWS – 11th May 2016 Campaign Toolkit One in five children is missing out on their free nursery place, because of inflexible hours and a system that just isn’t set up for working parents.  But still the Government claims to have delivered 600 hours of free childcare for every three and four year old. With the…