Who we are

Fair Funding For Our Kids is a group bringing together everyone concerned that 3 to 5 year-olds are not able to access their entitlement to a free nursery place for 600 hours a year.

We include working parents, stay at home parents and nursery providers.

Since it was established in summer 2014 over 1,000 people have signed up to the campaign.

We began by focusing on the situation in Glasgow, but soon realised that this is an issue across many of Scotland’s local authorities, and have since broadened our campaign.

The problems faced by families in Glasgow remain a priority for us. Campaigners based in the city want to work with Glasgow City Council to address the issues – but we firmly believe the first step has to be identifying the scale of the problem.

To this day, Glasgow City Council has been unable to tell us how many families are not receiving their childcare entitlement under the current system.


3 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. Hi, I am mum to 3 year old twins who have been at a partnership nursery since age 1, I currently pay for 2 full days for both of them , they should be entitled to their funding now but I have been told they might get it in August or I my only receive some of my funding, I choose this nursery because it was in partnership & I wouldn’t have to move them. I am very annoyed at the situation, I would like to increase their days to 3 days a week but just can’t afford to without the funding,


  2. Hi, I’m a dad of a 16yo girl – I got no help when my daughter was nursery age, so look on the bright side, least there’s a couple of days available to you – things are getting better and surely can only improve further, might take a year or two?? One other thing, what’s the council doing with the SG funding if they’re not being used on child care?


    1. Thank you for your comment, Jamie. We are aware that a commitment to providing funded childcare is relatively new and we welcome the investment. However, one of the problems is that while the funding is technically available, a number of families cannot access it because they are unable to use half-day places or because their childcare provider does not offer any funded places. The current system is unfair and a postcode lottery, despite the government promising it as a universal entitlement. You may have seen in the news that there is some doubt over how much things are improving for families. The funding for childcare is not ring-fenced and yet this policy requires strategic oversight by government as well as serious forward planning by local authorities.


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