Fair Funding Poll

Please help us to understand the scale of the problem across Scotland.

Find your local authority below and answer the question ‘does your child have a funded nursery place?’

Answering ‘yes’ means “my child receives 600 free hrs in a council nursery” or “my child receives a subsidised place at a partnership nursery” (where the discount on your fees is the full amount awarded per child by the council and is not shared between children).

Get in touch with us using the contact form at the bottom of the page if you’d like to share your story or make contact with other campaigning families in your area.


One thought on “Fair Funding Poll

  1. We have a little boy who turned 3 in February and as a result would become eligible for a funded place from the April term. As he has been in a private partnership nursery since he was 10 months old and he is well established and settled there we choose to only apply for that establishment. In addition council nurseries couldn’t provide the extended full day care we need as a working family. Our funding application was rejected and on contacting pupil placement at West Lothian Council we were told it was our ‘choice’ not to place him in a state nursery and it was our ‘choice’ not to consider using a childminder. We were told continuity of care was not a consideration in preschool provision and we would not get funding while spaces were available at state nurserys. There is no ‘choice’available to us. We need full day care as we both work which council nurseries can’t offer, we have no family to help as they all work and we did not want to be dictated to about who looks after our child.

    The fact that we have two friends whose boys are at the same nursery and have funding was the icing on the cake. The lack of inconsistency in making these decisions is astounding.

    Whilst West Lothian has extended its provision of full day care in state nurseries this comes to late for us. We don’t want to move our son in the year before he starts school as he is settled where he is. We just want what we keep being told we are entitled to!


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